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Dumb and Dumber To

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20 years after the dimwits set out on their first adventure, they head out in search of one of their long lost children in the hope of gaining a new kidney.

Title : Dumb and Dumber To

Year : 2014

Runtime : 110

Release Dates: 2014-11-14


Actors :

Jim CarreyasLloyd Christmas
Jeff DanielsasHarry Dunne
Rachel MelvinasPenny
Kathleen TurnerasFraida
Brady BluhmasBilly
Laurie HoldenasAdele
Steve TomasDr. Pinchelow
Rob RiggleasTravis / Captain Lippincott
Don LakeasDr. Meldman
Patricia FrenchasMs. Sourpuss
Gregory FearsasMan at Gas Station
Tembi LockeasDr. Walcott
Paul BlackthorneasDr. Meldman
Eddie ShinasGordy
Atkins EstimondsasGus
Tommy SniderasTom
Lindsay AyliffeasProfessor Garabedian
Matthew CardaropleasInventor No. 1
Bill MurrayasIce Pick
Grant JamesasMr. Stainer
Taylor St. ClairasMrs. Steiner
Erin Allin O'ReillyasAsylum Nurse No. 1
Tim CampioneasConference Attendee
Jennifer CockerasYoung Inventor
Derrick DeanasHospital Visitor
Garret H. DumasasConference Patron
Shelton ForemanasPatron
Jeff Matthew GloverasOrderly
William GoodrumasProm Singer
Walter Hendrix IIIasStreet Patron
Lauren HennebergasUpscale Guest
Michael JaegersasComputer Convention Attendee
Angela KereczasWaitress
Aaron KischnickasKen Philanthropist
Rob KoebelasOfficer Stone
Taylor McPhersonasElectronic Convention Attendee
David PascuaasMariachi Trumpet Player
William R. PhillipsasWaiter
Josh TurnerasKEN Convention Employee
Stefan Walker ArmstrongasAudience Member
Walt ArnettasKEN Audience Member
Paul BednarzasKEN Convention Employee
Erika BiermanasFanny at Age 13
Derek BlankenshipasStore Clerk
Kassidy ClaireasFanny at Age 5
Jesse ClarkasClub-Goer
Carly CraigasYoung Fraida
Bryan DilbeckasDr. Dilbeck
Joe FoleyasEMT
Abigail GamacheasProm Attendee
Dalton E. GrayasYoung Harry
Llauryn P. HendrixasConference Patron
Ron HudsonasClub Patron
Kathlene HuslinasKEN Vendor
Erick Reihs JacksonasGas Station Patron
Darien JohnsonasKEN Convention Attendee
Jeffrey KarantzaasDoctor
Debi KimseyasKnitting Lady on porch
Anthony R. McClaraasSecurity Guard
Michael McCruddenasAudience Member
Richard MeltonasChaperone
Maia Moss-FifeasReceptionist
Ryan NessetasPedestrian
Orbert RogersasPark Patron
Sade ShearerasProm Attendee
Dereck SmithasConvention Center Nerd
Jeff SumnerasConvention Official
Dave WalpoleasKEN Converence Attendee
Dave WalpoleasKEN Conference Attendee
Christina Michelle WilliamsasKEN Convention Employee
Brett WymanasInventor No. 2
Bennett Wayne Dean Sr.asHospital Visitor
Doris DeanasHospital Visitor
John DeiferasMental patient
Jacklyn EdneyasKEN Con Scientist
David EmmettasHospital Visitor
Cody Mark HannaasAudience Member
Billy Boy JohnsonasScientist
John MericalasNeighbor
Barbara PrinceasStreet Patron
June ShannonasHarry's Trailer Park Wife

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