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The Counselor

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A rich and successful lawyer named Counselor is about to get married to his fiancée but soon meets up with the middle-man known as Westray who tells him his drug trafficking plan has taken a horrible twist and now he must protect himself and his soon bride-to-be lover as the truth of the drug business uncovers and targets become chosen.

Title : The Counselor

Year : 2013

Runtime : 117

Release Dates: 2013-10-25


Actors :

Michael FassbenderasThe Counselor
Cameron DiazasMalkina
Javier BardemasReiner
Penélope CruzasLaura
Brad PittasWestray
Dean NorrisasBuyer
Emma RigbyasTony's Girl
Rosie PerezasRuth
Goran VišnjićasBanker
Bruno GanzasDiamond Dealer
Toby KebbellasTony
Barbara DurkinasCafe Waitress
Donna AirasChauffeur
Giannina FacioasWoman with Mobile Phone
Richard BrakeasSecond Man
Sam SpruellasWireman
Andrea DeckasWatching Girl
Alex HafnerasHighway Patrolman
Richard CabralasYoung Biker
Dar DashasBarman
Paris JeffersonasWaitress
Christopher ObiasMalkina's Bodyguard
Velibor TopićasSedan Man
Gerard MonacoasHotel Waiter
Fernando CayoasAbogado
Carlos Julio MolinaasWorkman
Natalie DormerasBlonde
Rubén BladesasJefe
Julien VialonasMaître D'

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