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A Beautiful Mind

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At Princeton University, John Nash struggles to make a worthwhile contribution to serve as his legacy to the world of mathematics. He finally makes a revolutionary breakthrough that will eventually earn him the Nobel Prize. After graduate school he turns to teaching, becoming romantically involved with his student Alicia. Meanwhile the government asks his help with breaking Soviet codes, which soon gets him involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot. Nash grows more and more paranoid until a discovery that turns his entire world upside down. Now it is only with Alicia's help that he will be able to recover his mental strength and regain his status as the great mathematician we know him as today..

Title : A Beautiful Mind

Year : 2001

Runtime : 135

Release Dates: 2001-12-12


Actors :

Russell CroweasJohn Nash
Ed HarrisasWilliam Parcher
Jennifer ConnellyasAlicia Nash
Christopher PlummerasDr. Rosen
Paul BettanyasCharles
Adam GoldbergasSol
Josh LucasasHansen
Anthony RappasBender
Jason Gray-StanfordasAinsley
Judd HirschasHelinger
Austin PendletonasThomas King
Vivien CardoneasMarcee
Jillie SimonasBar Co-Ed
Victor SteinbachasProf. Horner
Tanya ClarkeasBecky
Thomas F. WalshasCaptain
Jesse DoranasGeneral
Kent CassellaasAnalyst
Patrick BlindauerasMIT Student
John BlaylockasPhotographer
Roy ThinnesasGovernor
Anthony EastonasYoung Man
Cheryl HowardasHarvard Administrator
Josh PaisasPrinceton Professor
David B. AllenasJohn Nash Teenager
Michael EsperasJohn Nash Young Man
Erik Van WyckasPrinceton Student

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